"From start to finish, Trice exceeded our expectations with quality, value, price, service, and most of all, caliber of people!"

Dear Ralph and Justin-
I can’t even believe what a great holiday shopping experience I had this year! My wife of 31 years was long over-due for a new diamond for her wedding ring. This is something I’ve wanted to do for her for years. Better late than never!
I didn’t realize that the purchase of a loose stone could be so daunting. I quickly realized how little I knew and what an easy target I was! I came very close to bagging the whole idea of purchasing a new diamond. I did not feel as though I could trust anyone!
That is until I met Helen Sauzek! I knew she was something special when I spent some time with her on the phone. I quickly discovered how knowledgeable she was. I even felt like I could trust her! I even think she was listening to me! Well, she nailed it for me! Helen knew the perfect diamond, the perfect size, the perfect price, perfect! When I came in to the store, fully expecting “ the games to begin “, there were none! It was Christmas. Everyone was busy, including both of you! But Helen knew who I was, knew exactly what we had discussed and in a calm and professional manner demonstrated why she felt the diamond we discussed on the phone was perfect for my wife’s ring.
I had seen many stones by this time. Most of the stores and brokers I visited didn’t leave me with good feelings. I bought this diamond! I bought it because Helen didn’t sell it! I bought it because she listened to my situation and had an excellent solution! She is a TEN! I hope you know that!
So, I thought that was awesome and lucky and right place right time. Once the sale is done, we’ll see how things go. Not expecting the same level of attention, but happy with my purchese. Wrong again! Now I’m dealing with Nancy Burr! Wow, this can’t be happening. Another amazing employee. Someone who is really good at what they do! Am I just lucky or what! A Service Representative who is working to make my surprise as good as it can get!
Between Helen and Nancy, I Surprised my wife on Christmas morning with a 1.3 Ct diamond, beautifully boxed and wrapped. She loved it! Of course she did! We visited the store to really see how it would look on her band of 31 years. Just to make sure. Helen showed her how it would sit on the ring Nancy sets up a jeweler for us to set the diamond. Helen had already brought in the setting for the diamond. And one long coffee later, we were wearing that beautiful ring out of the store!!!
This was Christmas! This could have taken days! It took one hour!
From start to finish, Trice exceeded our expectations with quality, value, price, service and most of all caliber of people! Bravo to you both!
Give those girls a bonus!
You are lucky to have them!
We won’t shop anywhere else from this day forward!
I don’t do this kind of thing, but as a business owner, I felt compelled to share my experience and to make sure that you recognize the great people who represent you so well!


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