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Finding the Right 2019 Engagement Ring Trend for Your Proposal

With fashion week right around the corner, our team is on the lookout for the next big 2019 engagement ring trend. The engagement rings featured in this post are audacious, tempting, and – dare we say it? – bordering on timeless.

Finding the Right 2019 Engagement Ring Trend for Your Proposal

With all of the Valentine’s Day proposals inevitably going down, we’ve girded ourselves for the avalanche of soon-to-be fiancés. With every passing 2019 engagement ring trend that lasts, there are a dozen phonies, and we want to make sure you go with the one that she’s going to fall head over heels for. We’re staring deeply into our crystal balls for this article. Few things make us giddier with joy than the spark of love at the heart of every proposal.

Choose an engagement ring with impact this year. This is the type of gift you only have one chance to give – why not pick one that really leaves a lasting impression? Sit back and learn from the pros; let the Trice Jewelers team show you what’s really hot this season.

2019 Engagement Ring Trend: Eternity Bands

Eternity Engagement Ring

It’s hard to go wrong with the ubiquitous eternity band in any context. Our forecast of the new year shows, however, that they’re due for an especially strong comeback. We’re not complaining. This 2019 engagement ring trend is available in a variety for styles, meaning there’s an eternity engagement ring out there for every woman.

2019 Engagement Ring Trend: Step-Cut Diamonds

Mosaic Diamond Engagement Ring

Step-cut diamonds are, of course, one 2019 engagement ring trend that’s making waves in all categories of jewelry. This modern style includes both emerald-cut diamonds and baguette-cut diamonds. Our Mosaic diamond engagement ring features a devastating combination of both.

2019 Engagement Ring Trend: Vintage Engagement Rings

Noam Carver Vintage Engagement Ring

When in doubt, you cannot go wrong with an extravagantly-adorned engagement ring featuring a retro design. This blast from the past by Noam Carver is the perfect embodiment of the vintage-inspired 2019 engagement ring trend. Hello, gorgeous.

2019 Engagement Ring Trend: Thin Bands

Danhov Thin Engagement Ring

It’s hard to question the understated power of an engagement ring with a thin and dainty band. Perfectly dignified, they command the eye without appearing gaudy or overly heavy. Feminine and delicate, the Trice Jewelers Danhov is guaranteed to please.

2019 Engagement Ring Trend: Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring

Yellow gold is the ultimate way to express to your gal that she’s number one in your life. As a universal symbol of prestige and luxury, the yellow gold 2019 engagement ring trend is one that will go over well in any cultural or stylistic context. This yellow gold solitaire engagement ring will have her dying to show her friends before you even have a chance to put it on her finger.

2019 Engagement Ring Trend: Dramatically Different Solitaires

Claude Thibaudeau Engagement Ring

Finally, we cannot help but include the 2019 engagement ring we know is really going to spread its wings and fly this year. Simple solitaires? Out for the count. Solitaires that bring something new to the table, however, are most certainly in. This contemporary piece by Claude Thibaudeau boasts a huge tension-set center stone accented by a fluid platinum band.

Make it Official with a 2019 Engagement Ring Trend from Trice Jewelers

Popping the question can certainly be a daunting task. Luckily, the Trice Jewelers team has got your back. If one of the 2019 engagement ring trends detailed above has your gears turning, we invite you to shoot us a message and book an appointment with one of our highly-qualified experts. For engagement rings and more, Trice Jewelers is number one in Centennial, Colorado.


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